Our Quality

We are proud that we have been certified from ISO 9001:2015 and AS 9100:2016 Rev "D" by UL DQS.
ISO 9001 is internationally recognized requirements standard for Quality Management System and covers a set of processes that ensure the business management to prevent quality failures. All of Shanmukha Industries quality procedures are fully documented which means that we are able to improve business efficiency, offer greater consistency and traceability of products and services and generally improved morale and motivation. Best of all, you know when you deal with Aero components you are going to achieve a highly professional and consistent service
AS 9100 relates to the standardization of quality control mechanisms as related to the Aerospace industry, in particular with regards to internal, government and regulatory requirements. The standard stipulates the requirements of the ISO 9001 quality standard with additional requirements for continued improvements in safety, reliability and cost reduction.

As a globally recognized standard it is also aimed at establishing a consistent worldwide quality benchmark within the aerospace sector and its extended supply chain.

Commitment to Quality
Qualified personnel, a robust AS 9100 quality system and state of the art inspection equipment enable Aero Components to blend compliance with specifications and customer requirements with the manufacturing process to guarantee that only the highest quality products are delivered to our customers.

Shanmukha Industries engineering team utilizes state of the art CAD/CAM in design, manufacture and inspection of all components. Our extensive experience and dedication in support of Aerospace components is recognized industry world wide.
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